I was born in Chicago and grew up in Montreal where I started my entrepreneurial career in computer training.  I sold my business in 1997 and moved to Boston where I worked as a marketing professional in the crazy world of the internet.  I changed careers in 2005 and went back to school to study landscape design at the Landscape Institute of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.  I am a certified Massachusetts Arborist, an accredited NOFA organic land care professional and I am currently pursuing a certificate in Native Plant Horticulture and Design from the New England Wildflower Society.  I am a board member of the Ecological Landscaping Association and I am interested in helping people understand how easy it is to create sustainable and eco-friendly yards. I lecture and give seminars at many local green fairs and I am currently working on some exciting projects that include native plant gardens.

As a landscape designer I see the world both from a love of plants as well as a love of design.  I am still learning everyday but I hope to share my knowledge with you along the way.  I want to encourage you to plant interesting gardens and take risks as I have.  I want to inspire you to be creative in your garden so they reflect your personality as mine does. Most importantly, I want to give you all you need to know to do all of this in an eco-friendly way.  Most gardeners really do love the planet and will do the right thing if they know how.  I hope my blog helps you with all of this and that you have as much fun along the way as I am having.  Enjoy!


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